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  • Friday mornings with Sarah Telford are both fun and challenging.  She brings humour to the classroom, along with her expertise, and is sensitive to the needs of her individual students.  This approach to teaching pilates exends to the rest of the Pilates Barr team.  A great place to be any time.
    Barbara G-B.,
  • The only thing better than taking a pilates class at the Pilates Barr would be taking a pilates class EVERYDAY at the Pilates Barr!

    Isabella F.,
  • Carolyn and Gord and the rest of their staff make me feel a part of their extended family. The staff are professional and the welcoming environment is like an oasis in the city where one can truly forget about everything for an hour. It is always a surprise at the end of the hour, to look up and see that the class is coming to an end.

    Lynne J., IT Professional
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