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  • Beaslea’s Blog Fall 2016

    Beaslea’s Blog Fall 2016

    October already? We just got back from Vermont in mid August where the “Hills are Alive”, if you catch my drift. Lately, I’ve been entertaining my good friend Winnie. She… Continue reading


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  • Set It Free With FST™

    Set It Free With FST™

    What is Fascial Stretch Therapy? Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), is a type of stretching that targets more than just the muscles. It targets the fascia as well. Fascia is the… Continue reading


What people are saying about us!

  • Thank you to the excellent Teachers at The Pilates Barr. My chiropractor recommended Pilates to me as a sound method of strengthening my body. I can say it works! I have never felt better and stronger since I joined the Pilates Barr. The teachers are so professional and the classes are conducted with the care and learning and safety of students. I feel totally confident learning this method and without fear of injuring myself. It’s a fun learning environment.

    Deborah W.,
  • ” A week without a Pilates class at the Pilates Barr is a week that has something missing. My weekly class is like a pick-me-up. I try really hard not to have to miss a class, but the online booking system is a great way to keep on track and schedule a change if necessary. I love the relaxed friendly atmosphere (and impeccable cleanliness) of the studio – and also the excellent and caring instruction. Thanks Carolyn and Gord.

    Karin E.,
  • My life changed for the better the day I dropped by The Pilates Barr. I have arthritis in my spine and knees and was starting to shrink. The staff is very helpful and listen and help if you have any new or old physical problems. Pilates is for everyone!

    Lynne VH.,
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