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Give the Gift of good posture,

great exercise and feeling fabulous to your favourite teen this Holiday Season!
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This 45 minute class will have an upbeat pace, good music and great instruction. Targeting posture, alignment, core strength balance and flexibility. Pilates for Teens will improve movement function, body awareness and muscle tone, all which lead to better self esteem and/or enhanced sport performance. The Pilates Barr fosters an inclusive environment where smiles and laughter are part of the learning experience!


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Today’s Classes

  • 9:15 am - Carolyn's Choice
The Pilates Barr
1234 Kingston Rd, Suite #115
Toronto, Ontario M1N 1P3
(647) 285-1485

what people are saying..

  • The best place for quality instructors. Great one on one instruction and group classes are very enjoyable too. One of the best places I have found for good pilaties classes.

    Christina B.,
  • Thank you to the excellent Teachers at The Pilates Barr. My chiropractor recommended Pilates to me as a sound method of strengthening my body. I can say it works! I have never felt better and stronger since I joined the Pilates Barr. The teachers are so professional and the classes are conducted with the care and learning and safety of students. I feel totally confident learning this method and without fear of injuring myself. It’s a fun learning environment.

    Deborah W.,
  • The Pilates Barr is a cool place to spend a few hours a week. My twice weekly sessions help develop core strength and improve balance and all those good things. But that time also gives me space to step away briefly from the concerns of ordinary life in a calm and supportive environment — and that is equally important to me. Lisa, garden designer.

    Lisa W.,
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