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Does your teenager have bad posture, back or neck pain?

Do you want him or her to get into good postural and exercise habits?

Here’s what you can do..

Register your daughter and/or son for our newest class.

Pilates for Teens!

  • Targeting posture, alignment, core strength, balance and flexibility.
  • Enhances body awareness, improves movement function, tones muscles, all which lead to greater self esteem.
  • Is a must for young athletes to enhance their performance in all or any sport. As well as, conditioning mind and body, improved alignment and muscle control to help prevent injuries.
  • This 45 minute class for ages 13-17 will have an upbeat pace with good music and great instruction. An inclusive environment where smiles and laughter are part of the learning experience!


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 Six Week Introduction to Pilates.


This introductory 6 week session is designed for those that are new to Pilates. During this time the session will cover all the basic movements and terminology required to start your Pilates practice with a good solid foundation.


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 Introduction to Pilates 2+2.


To get you started, you have 2 Private one on one sessions. This develops a deeper understanding of the Pilates method of exercise. After that you still have 2 classes to see how you can apply you new approach.


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All prices do not include HST

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