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Carolyn Barr - Pilates Instructor

  • 21 year career on Bay Street in high pressure roles in Market Data and Transaction Services.
  • Always had fitness as a stress release and to help balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Was introduced to Pilates in 2000 and started to understand the value of proper alignment and efficient muscle recruitment for maximum results.
  • After taking Pilates mat classes for 2 years, she began taking privates sessions on the Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair). The equipment work and its profound results on her body are what started the wheels turning.
  • In Fall of 2004 Carolyn left Bay St. to pursue her Pilates Mat and Equipment Certification through Body Harmonics, Toronto and PhysicalMind Institute, New York.
  • Results oriented and a good communicator, teaching Pilates was a natural fit for Carolyn.
  • Combining her skills as a business woman, Pilates instructor and the highest standards in customer service The Pilates Barr started in her home in Jan 2005.
  • Carolyn continues her Pilates practise and studies weekly, under the tutelage of Pilates Master Teacher, Susan Greskevitch.

Carolyn’s Education

Gordon Barr - Pilates Instructor

  • Movement has always been a part of Gord’s life. He attended the Dance Program at York University and then onto Toronto Dance Theatre apprenticeship program.
  • He has been involved with a number of different companies in numerous dance performances and has taught dance and fitness programs in the Toronto area for years.
  • He started taking Pilates in 2000 to aid his recovery from a severe back injury. This study rekindled a strong connection to his dance background and prompted him to apprentice and assist in teaching.
  • From there, he studied and obtained two mat certifications, one from the Physical Mind Institute and one from Body Harmonics. Shortly thereafter he was leading classes at the Pilates Barr.
  • Gord further added to his accreditation by completing his Reformer equipment certification through Body Harmonics and is now an equipment instructor as well.
  • He is a key part of The Pilates Barr as husband of the owner, renovator, support system and teacher.
  • Gord’s classes are full of variety and challenge taken from his years’ experience with dance and other modalities.
  • He continues his own Pilates practice and advances his education by attending workshops, seminars and classes regularly.

Gordon’s Education

Sarah Cahill - Pilates Instructor

  • Sarah got hooked on Pilates while living in Sydney, Australia, in 2003. The graceful movements, release of tension and top-to-toe strengthening benefits were addictive. Encouraging words from her teacher convinced Sarah to train as a Pilates instructor.
  • On returning to the UK, Sarah trained with Body Control Pilates to teach matwork from beginners through to advanced, qualifying in 2006.
  • Since then Sarah has taught in London and Bristol in the UK, and now Toronto, having made the move here with her family in February 2012.
  • Sarah believes Pilates should be accessible to everyone, and can tailor exercises according to special requirements, such as rehabilitation needs, pre and post-natal fitness or following injury.
  • “Pilates is wonderful because you never stop learning, ” says Sarah, “About yourself, your students, the movements – it just keeps getting better!”

Sarah Cahill’s Education

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what people are saying..

  • The best place for quality instructors. Great one on one instruction and group classes are very enjoyable too. One of the best places I have found for good pilaties classes.

    Christina B.,
  • Thank you to the excellent Teachers at The Pilates Barr. My chiropractor recommended Pilates to me as a sound method of strengthening my body. I can say it works! I have never felt better and stronger since I joined the Pilates Barr. The teachers are so professional and the classes are conducted with the care and learning and safety of students. I feel totally confident learning this method and without fear of injuring myself. It’s a fun learning environment.

    Deborah W.,
  • The Pilates Barr is a cool place to spend a few hours a week. My twice weekly sessions help develop core strength and improve balance and all those good things. But that time also gives me space to step away briefly from the concerns of ordinary life in a calm and supportive environment — and that is equally important to me. Lisa, garden designer.

    Lisa W.,
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