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  • During a stressful time, when recovering from an automobile accident, I found Carolyn at the Pilates Barr.

    Each one of my beginning private sessions was a relief from tension, a revelation of my own strength, and a pleasure.

    Four years, now I have increasingly enjoyed the benefits of this practice.

    Carefully trained and dedicated teachers can make an enormous difference in our physical fitness.

    All day I can draw on what I have learned and continue to develop in Pilates classes at the studio with Carolyn.

    I am grateful.  A. S.

    A. S.,
  • Friday mornings with Sarah Telford are both fun and challenging.  She brings humour to the classroom, along with her expertise, and is sensitive to the needs of her individual students.  This approach to teaching pilates exends to the rest of the Pilates Barr team.  A great place to be any time.
    Barbara G-B.,
  • My life changed for the better the day I dropped by The Pilates Barr. I have arthritis in my spine and knees and was starting to shrink. The staff is very helpful and listen and help if you have any new or old physical problems. Pilates is for everyone!

    Lynne VH.,
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