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  • I have arthritis and my Doctor said the best thing I could do was take Pilates. A friend recommended the Pilates Barr and that’s where I’ve been since September 2007.

    Jennifer C., Self-employed business owner
  • ” A week without a Pilates class at the Pilates Barr is a week that has something missing. My weekly class is like a pick-me-up. I try really hard not to have to miss a class, but the online booking system is a great way to keep on track and schedule a change if necessary. I love the relaxed friendly atmosphere (and impeccable cleanliness) of the studio – and also the excellent and caring instruction. Thanks Carolyn and Gord.

    Karin E.,
  • Thank you to the excellent Teachers at The Pilates Barr. My chiropractor recommended Pilates to me as a sound method of strengthening my body. I can say it works! I have never felt better and stronger since I joined the Pilates Barr. The teachers are so professional and the classes are conducted with the care and learning and safety of students. I feel totally confident learning this method and without fear of injuring myself. It’s a fun learning environment.

    Deborah W.,
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