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Something for Everyone.

Read through this description of our current Pilates class offerings. If you require more information please contact us.


Online Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Since mid March 2020 we have been offering up an online service.

We offer two types of service.

  1. We produce 2 new classes per week. We notify all our subscribers as soon as a new class is available. Each new class in posted 3-4 days after the one previous. Once we post a class in remains on the sign in page for a week or so. You can do all our classes as often as you’d like. You also get access to our full Library of all the previous classes.
  2. A ZOOM class is also offered on Tuesday mornings. (These classes are at an addition fee).

Since the “personal touch” of a live class is not a viable option, during the pandemic, we need to assume you have prior knowledge of Pilates or are experienced in mindful precise exercise.

Throughout our classes we offer modifications, variations and insightful instruction for the various levels in the proficiency of our audience. In other words, you will find your place in the class at a level that works for you.

We use a number of props to challenge your ability. It is advised that you obtain your own set of props for these classes.

Prop List:

  • Mat
  • 6″ Roller (3′ long)
  • Weighted balls of hand weights (1-3 lbs)
  • Pilates Ring
  • Balance Cushion
  • Chair (study no roll or swivel)
  • Theraband (6-8′ long)

These items can be purchased online through your favourite online retailer.

For more information, please contact us

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